Spine Surgery

VPS Lakeshore has facilities to undertake all major Spine Surgeries. Within a short span this hospital has conducted a very large number of major Spine Surgeries for congenital deformities of Spine, Cancer, Degenerative Disorders, Trauma and Infections.

Most complicated procedures like Occipito Cervical Fusion, Cervical Fixation with Pedicle Screw Technique, Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomy for Kyphosis, Scoliosis correction by Thoracotomy, Thoracolumbar and Posterior Approaches, Transsacral Fibular Strut Graft for Spondyloptosis, Intramedullary and Intradural Tumor Excisions have been performed successfully and safely by competent hands. Numerous Disc Surgeries have been done by Minimally Invasive Approach / Microsurgery.

Excellent post operative ICU and experienced physiotherapists are a great support to the department. The aim of the spine surgery division is to offer scientifically sound and moderately priced solutions to all spine problems.


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