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Nutritional Management for Head and Neck Cancer Patients

ക്യാൻസറിന്‌ കീഴ്‌പ്പെടാതിരിക്കാം: ഭക്ഷണ ശൈലിയിൽ വരുത്തേണ്ട മാറ്റങ്ങൾ
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Successful Hip surgery for a woman at the age of 99, mobilized on the same day

99-year old, Pennamma Abraham recovers walking ability after tremendous fracture in the hip.
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A 45-year old woman gave birth to triplets after IVF treatment in VPS Lakeshore

After three consequent failed IVF Pregnancy, 45-year old Suja Selvan gave birth to triplets on the fourth time.
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Aortic Valve replaced through a minimally invasive surgery

At VPS Lakeshore, Kochi, a patient’s Aortic valve was replaced through Right Anterior Thoracotomy by a minimally invasive method.
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Minimally Invasive Aortic Valve Replacement was successfully done on a 57-year-old lady

In VPS Lakeshore, Kochi, a Minimally Invasive Aortic Valve Replacement was done on a 57-year-old lady with severe Aortic Stenosis who was presented with dyspnea on exertion and palpitation.
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Cervical spondylitis is on the rise... What can be done?

People complaining of Neck pain in increasing a lot nowadays? Why? What can be the reasons. Know more about Cervical spondylitis :
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Joint Preservation and Replacement

Joint preservation helps you to prevent or delay major surgeries with relatively simpler procedures. Find out more about this procedure:
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What Goes On in Flow Cytometry?

Did you know that a Flow Cytometry test can characterize leukemic cells or blood cancer cells? Find out more about this procedure:
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Urinary stone disease and management

Urinary stone disease, symptoms, precautions and its management, read on to find out:
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What is a minimally invasive cardiac surgery?

Top results in minimally invasive cardiac surgery, in VPS Lakeshore, Kochi, Kerala. Read more on the procedure here
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What is Renal biopsy ?

Renal biopsy or kidney biopsy is a medical procedure in which a small piece of kidney is removed from the body for microscopic examination, which can provide the information needed to diagnose, monitor or treat problems of the kidney.
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Diabetic Foot Infection - Causes and Treatment

Diabetes Mellitus is a disease that is caused by dysregulation of the glucose metabolism of the body, leading to high blood sugar levels. India is known to be the Diabetic capital of the world with over 70 million diagnosed cases.
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What is Herd Immunity and can we really achieve it with CoronaVirus?

Herd immunity is an epidemiological concept that describes a state where the human population is sufficiently immune to a disease such that the infection will not spread within the said population.
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Bariatric Surgery - Types, Benefits and Cost - VPS Lakeshore

Know everything about Bariatric Surgery - Types, Benefits and Cost - VPS Lakeshore
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The Next Phase - Dr. Joseph.K. Joseph

A write-up on Diabetics by Dr. Joseph.K. Joseph of VPS Lakeshore, in The Week Magazine, Aug 2019 edition.
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അമ്മിഞ്ഞപ്പാൽ എന്ന സ്നേഹാമൃതം

അമ്മിഞ്ഞാപാൽ എന്ന സ്നേഹാമൃതം - Dr. Smitha Joy, Dept of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
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Bronchial Asthma: The Neglected Aspect - By Dr. Rahul Antony Simon

Blog by Dr. Rahul Antony Simon (Department of Pulmonology) on the topic "Bronchial Asthma" : The Neglected Aspect
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Palliation Holistic Healing - Dr. Narayana Hari Mohan

Palliation Holistic Healing - Dr. Narayana Hari Mohan
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41 year old gentleman gets " SECOND LIFE "

Read about 41-year-old Mr. Riyas recovery story
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