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What Goes On in Flow Cytometry?

What Goes On in Flow Cytometry?

Did you know that a Flow Cytometry test can characterize leukemic cells or blood cancer cells? Find out more about this procedure:

Flow Cytometry is a novel and advanced diagnostic modality incorporating lasers and fluorescence, aiding in diagnosis of cancerous cells, and its enumeration in liquid bodily tissues which can be extended to solid tissues, provided they could be converted into single cell suspension. The basic principle is to identify specific antigens or proteins within the cells, seriatim which could connect to specific cell types viz; stem cells and trucount beads wield their enumeration as well. This plays a crucial role in making the best decision regarding the appropriate treatment to be meted out to each of our patients. Major applications of Flow Cytometry in our hospital include diagnosis and prognostication and follow up ( MRD studies ) of various blood-borne cancers and related entities. The bulk of our cases are constituted by Acute Leukemias and Multiple myeloma, primary hematologic malignancies, though we are equipped to deal with Chronic lymphoproliferative disorders and autoimmune lymphoproliferative disorder involving marrow and other body fluids. Apart from cancers, the technology is also used in the enumeration of CD34+ stem cells in transplantation hematology and in HLA B27 testing which is a protein entity seen on T lymphocytes which could assist in the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases. Currently, we handle approximately 300 flowcytometry specimens from various genres with follow up / minimal residual disease study for myeloma already in order. The MRD studies for Acute leukemia is expected to start in a couple of months. We, at VPS Lakeshore are equipped with state of art 12 colour Flow cytometry equipment BD FACS Lyric with specialized pathologists and trained technologists dedicated to providing the best possible diagnosis in each of our cases without undue delay and thereby ensuring that our patients receive the right treatment according to their disease.