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September 20th 2023

VPS Lakeshore Inaugurates a New Dialysis Unit Kochi

VPS Lakeshore opened its brand-new HemoDialysis Unit on Wednesday, September 20, 2023. Mr. S.K. Abdulla, the Managing Director

September 15th 2023

VPS Lakeshore Celebrated Lymphoma Winners Day

VPS Lakeshore Conducted a get-together with Lymphoma Winners on the occasion of Lymphoma Day September 15th 2023.

September 15th 2023

VPS Lakeshore Introduces Heart Health Package

Your heart deserves the best care.

April 17th 2023

VPS Lakeshore Hospital conducted Voice Week

VPS Lakeshore Hospital conducted Voice Week from April 17th to 22nd.

April 16th 2023


World Voice Day is a worldwide annual event on April 16, to create awareness of problems, diagnosis, and treatment of various voice-related diseases.

March 15th 2023

VPS Lakrshore launches a new initiative to provide free cochlear implant surgery

VPS Lakeshore Hospital launches a new initiative that provides free cochlear implant surgery for congenitally deaf children.

March 7th 2023

50% discount on Woman's health checkup packages

As part of International Women's Day, VPS Lakeshore hospital has announced a 50% discount on Women's health checkup packages.

February 26th 2023

VPS Lakeshore Hospital conducted a half marathon

In association with the 50th anniversary of the Challengers club, Panagad, VPS Lakeshore conducted a half marathon on 26th February 2023.

February 23rd 2023

VPS Lakeshore donated a vehicle to distribute food to the homeless

VPS Lakeshore Hospital donated a vehicle (echo) to contribute to the daily needs of Sehion Preshitha Sangham Charitable Trust.

February 6th 2023

VPS Lakeshore Installs World’s most Advanced Lab analyzer for the First time in Kerala

VPS Lakeshore Installs World’s most Advanced Lab analyzer for the First time in Kerala.

February 1st 2023

VPS Lakeshore Hospital conducts free cochlear implant surgeries

VPS Lakeshore Hospital conducts free cochlear implantation camps for children with hearing difficulties.

December 15th 2022

A great achievement for the department of Clinical Nutrition

Two present interns and one ex-intern of the department of Clinical Nutrition have received remarkable achievements at the state-level case study competition organized by AEDAN.

December 15th 2022

VPS Lakeshore bags the Best Hospital Award by FICCI

VPS Lakeshore received the Best Hospital Award from FICCI (Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries).

November 15th 2022

Dr. Rajesh Simon writes about Charcot Foot

Dr. Rajesh Simon, Senior Consultant - Orthopaedics, Trauma & Foot and Ankle writes in detail for the New Indian Express about the Charcot Foot.

November 14th 2022

Burjeel Holdings gets listed on Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX)

Burjeel Holdings has successfully listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) on Monday.

November 8th 2022

VPS Lakeshore conducted a flat foot camp in association with the Indian Foot and Ankle Society

VPS Lakeshore hospital conducted a flat foot camp as part of Indian Foot and Ankle Society week.

October 29th 2022

ലഹരിവിമുക്ത സന്ദേശവുമായി കൂട്ടയോട്ടം

കേരള സർക്കാരിന്റെ 'എല്ലാവർക്കും ആരോഗ്യം' ലഹരി വിരുദ്ധ പ്രചാരണം, ഫിറ്റ്‌ ഇന്ത്യ ഫ്രീഡം റൺ എന്നിവയുടെ ഭാഗമായി വിപിഎസ് ലേക്‌ഷോർ ഹോസ്പിറ്റൽ,

October 20th 2022

Dr. Shwetha Shenoy receives Prof ND Purushottam Award

Dr. Shwetha Shenoy - Consultant, ENT, receives the Prof ND Purushottam Award for innovation in ENT and Head & Neck Surgery at the South Zone AOICON 2022 at Manipal.

October 19th 2022


Dr. Mohan A. Mathew, senior anaesthetist, and critical care physician received the "Legend in Anaesthesia" award for his valuable contributions to the field spanning over five decades.

October 12th 2022

Bahrain Keraleya Samajam presents the Arogyamitram Award to Dr. VP Gangadharan

Dr. VP Gangadharan - Senior Consultant and HOD of Medical & Paediatric Oncology has been felicitated with the ‘Arogyamitram‘ award

October 1st 2022

Dr Roy J Mukkada elected as President of ISG, Kerala

Dr Roy J Mukkada – Director of GI Endoscopy, Senior Consultant & Head of Medical Gastroenterology, VPS Lakeshore Hospital has been elected as the President

October 1st 2022

National Award to Ms Manju P George for digitally aided nutrition services

On 28 September, 2022 (Wednesday), Ms Manju P George received her National Level Award from Smt Anandiben Patel Ji, Honourable Governor of Uttar Pradesh.

October 1st 2022

Second batch EMT students graduated and employed

The second batch of Emergency Medical Technician students (EMTs) graduated, in toto, earning their certificate and full-time employment on 24 September 2022.

September 30th 2022

World Heart Day 2022- CPR Training Programme Conducted

VPS Lakeshore has conducted a CPR Training Programme. The programme was inaugurated by MP Shri. Hibi Eden.

September 30th 2022

World Heart Day Observed

Maradu Municipality and VPS Lakeshore jointly organized a rally to spread the importance of heart health.

August 29th 2022

Another Golden Feather Added to The Excellence of VPS Lakeshore

VPS Lakeshore completed 120 liver transplants with a 94% success rate during the hard times of Covid.

July 25th 2022

S.K. Abdulla has been appointed as the new MD

Sir SK Abdulla has been appointed as the new Managing Director of VPS Lakeshore Hospital Kochi.

July 23rd 2022

Conference held on Kidney Transplants

VPS Lakeshore Hospital, Kochi, and Association of Cochin Nephrologists

July 18th 2022

LARYNX 2022 Conference

VPS Lakeshore, is organising LARYNX 2022, a three-day international conference on laryngology.

June 13th 2022


Comprehensive Sleep Medicine Update Seminar was organized at VPS Lakeshore Hospital, Kochi.

May 31st 2022

Conference on Minimally Invasive Surgeries

Conference on minimally invasive surgeries held

May 8th 2022

Mini Park for Children of Panangad

When Kumbalam Panchayat opened a mini park for children in collaboration with VPS Lakeshore Hospital

May 8th 2022

Cyclothon 2022: Journey to better health with the angels who care

VPS Lakeshore conducted the 'CYCLOTHON 2022' along with Kochi Metro Rail Ltd, in association with International Nurse's Day.

April 21st 2022

VPS Lakeshore saves the life of 12 year old girl with rare Congenital disease

Kidney and Liver transplant procedures at VPS Lakeshore save the life of a 12 year old girl.

April 16th 2022

Drug abuse- psychological effects and recovery

Psychological effects of drug abuse and recovery discussed by Dr. Xavier John Pullikkal of VPS Lakeshore

March 23rd 2022

Dr. Arun Oommen gets candid about his personal experiences as a doctor.

An interview of Dr. Arun Oomen, a neurosurgeon at VPS Lakeshore, on what drove him to become a doctor, personal experiences and the trust a patient places on a doctor.

March 23rd 2022

The power of a smile, as explained by Dr. Arun Oommen of VPS Lakeshore.

Dr. Arun Oommen speaks on the various benefits smiling can provide to your body and mind.

March 16th 2022

Another remarkable achievement by the Urology department of VPS Lakeshore.

Kerala's youngest patient of stone disease makes a successful recovery after RIRS laser surgery at VPS Lakeshore.

March 14th 2022

A closer look into spondylitis - symptoms, causes and treatments

Dr. Arun Oommen fills us in on the condition of spondylitis- its causes, symptoms and possible treatment methods.

March 8th 2022

VPS Lakeshore Hospital offered free Mammogram checkups as a part of Women’s Day.

VPS Lakeshore Hospital offered free Mammogram checkups as a part of Women’s Day.

March 6th 2022

Keyhole Surgery saves the life of a 5 year old child from Diaphragmatic Hernia.

Keyhole Surgery at VPS Lakeshore Hospital saves the life of a 5 year old child from Diaphragmatic Hernia.

March 4th 2022

Another recognition for our uncompromising view on safety

VPS Lakeshore Hospital is the winner of the 'Safety Award' for hospitals, organized by the National Safety Council- Kerala Chapter

February 28th 2022

Skull reconstructive surgery saves a man's life at VPS Lakeshore Hospital.

The story of how skull reconstructive surgery from VPS Lakeshore Hospital saved a patient's life from severe Black Fungus infection.

February 25th 2022

VPS Lakeshore to hold a free Covid-19 Vaccination Camp

VPS Lakeshore to hold a free Covid-19 Vaccination Camp

February 9th 2022

What to keep in mind while facing Neck and Back pain - an article by Dr. Arun Oommen

Dr. Arun Oommen gives an important outlook on Neck and Back pain along with their causes and remedies.

January 27th 2022

Fibromyalgia: what to look out for and how to treat it

This article takes a look into the condition of Fibromyalgia, it's symptoms and ways to treat it.

January 14th 2022

7 Neurological disorders to watch out for

Let us take a look at 7 potentially harmful neurological disorders and how to identify them properly.

December 30th 2021

Severe Health Issues of Brain and Backbone

Dr. Arun Oommen explains in detail why mishaps that injure the Brain and Backbone can be of critical consequences and also how the remedies in Neurosurgery resolve these conditions.

December 21st 2021

VPS Lakeshore's Orthopaedic Treatment Gains Global Acceptance from ISAKOS

The key-hole surgery regime developed by VPS Lakeshore's Orthopaedics Department to cure knee ligament achieves worldwide recognition and acceptance at the ISAKOS meet in South Africa.

December 15th 2021

Bell's Palsy: How to Manage

Dr. Arun Oommen talks in detail about the Bell's Palsy disease, its causes and the most effective ways to deal with it.

December 14th 2021

Spondylolisthesis: Here's All You Need to Know

Spondylolisthesis is a serious condition that requires early medical attention after you experience its symptoms. Check out more about Spondylolisthesis in detail.

December 14th 2021

Excess alcohol consumption and the ways it affects the brain functions

Dr. Arun Oommen discusses the various ways in which alcohol addiction could contribute to damaging the brain and its functions.

December 10th 2021

VPS Lakeshore Reaches Out to Homes

The special Home Care service of VPS Lakeshore continues to be a great source of comfort to many bed ridden patients.

December 9th 2021

Article on Covid Published in CMC Vellore's Journal

Dr. Muhammed Jassim Abdul Jalal (Consultant – Internal Medicine & Rheumatology) publishes a COVID centered article on the current medical issues journal of CMC Vellore.

December 9th 2021

Driving and Neck Pain - Dr. Arun Oommen featured on Vanitha

Find out how driving causes neck pain shared by Dr. Arun Oommen of VPS Lakeshore.

December 7th 2021

Managing Overactive Bladder

Get to know the challenges that come with the condition of Overactive Bladder.

December 2nd 2021

14th SELSICON & 13th IHSCON 2021

Live surgeries from multiple centers accross India organised by Society of Endoscopic & Laprascopic Surgeons of India (SELSI) & Indian Hernia Society (IHS)

November 29th 2021

VPS Lakeshore Launches WhatsApp Assistance

VPS Lakeshore introduces the rendition of online services through WhatsApp Chat where appointments, home care facilities, lap reports, bookings and online payments can all be facilitated.

November 22nd 2021

Dr. Shawn T Joseph’s Live Surgical Session at ONCOSURG 2021

Dr. Shawn Joseph of VPS Lakeshore presents a live surgical session at the 17th Annual Surgical Oncology Workshop.

October 16th 2021

VPS Lakeshore Performs the State’s First Artificial Heart Transplant

Kerala’s first ever Artificial Heart Transplant successfully performed by the Cardiothoracic Surgical Team of VPS Lakeshore, Kochi.

October 12th 2021

VPS Lakeshore Medical Centre Launched at Calicut

VPS Lakeshore's Medical Centre was officially launched at Calicut as the new venture was inaugurated by Hon. Minister P. A Muhammad Riyas and Mayor Dr. Beena Philip.

October 11th 2021

Inauguration of VPS Lakeshore Medical Centre Calicut

VPS Lakeshore's Medical Centre at Calicut was inaugurated by Hon. Minister P. A Muhammad Riyas and Mayor Dr. Beena Philip.

September 24th 2021

Dieting the Healthy Way

Find VPS Lakeshore's Chief Dietician Dr. Manju P George's article about the diet for good health published in Kerala Kaumudy Azhchapathippu

September 13th 2021

VPS Lakeshore's Successful Feat of Liver Transplanting

VPS Lakeshore conducts yet another successful Liver Transplant Surgery in a six-month-old baby hailing from Lakshadweep, who went through the condition of biliary atresia.

September 7th 2021

VPS Lakeshore's Contribution at the AAOS 2021

A Study from VPS Lakeshore hospital presented at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons meeting in San Diego (Aug 31 to Sep 3, 2021)

September 3rd 2021

VPS Lakeshore Saves Covid Patient with Brain Haemorrhage

VPS Lakeshore's timely intervention with advanced lung support system has saved Ram Naresh, a 34 year old Covid patient who had Brain Haemorrhage along with internal lung bleeding.

August 3rd 2021

The Mom's Gift: A Successful Liver Transplant Surgery

Little Fathima's liver disease gets cured with a part of her mom's liver transplanted in her.

July 24th 2021

വൃക്ക മാറ്റിവയ്ക്കുന്നത് മൂന്നാം തവണ; 47കാരന് വിപിഎസ് ലേക്‌ഷോറിൽ പുതുജീവൻ

പെരുമ്പാവൂർ സ്വദേശി തോമസ് മാത്യുവിന് (47) 2003ൽ, 29-ആം വയസ്സിലാണ് ആദ്യം വൃക്കമാറ്റിവച്ചത്. പിന്നീട് മൂന്ന് വർഷത്തിന് ശേഷം വീണ്ടും മാറ്റിവയ്‌ക്കേണ്ടിവന്നു.

July 15th 2021

World Hepatitis Day 2021: VPS Lakeshore Offers Free Hepatitis Checkup

VPS Lakeshore has come up with a special Hepatitis Day Screening Package inclusive of Liver Function Test, Hemogram, HBsAG, Anti-HCV, and Anti-HBS Titre.

July 11th 2021

39 Year Old Pregnant Woman beats Covid-19 and Pneumonia at VPS Lakeshore

Kiran who was admitted to the Covid treatment centre back in May, later suffered from post-covid pneumonia that was quite hard to tackle particularly during the pregnancy period.

June 20th 2021

VPS Lakeshore Incorporates Sputnik V Vaccine

Lakeshore gained access to Sputnik right in the middle of these times which witnessed a common scarcity for the vaccine.

June 1st 2021

Survival of a post-Covid symptomatic patient by VA ECMO

A post-Covid viral myocarditis patient is saved at a critical situation by the team of VPS Lakeshore Hospital, Kochi.

June 1st 2021

The Most Advanced Cath Lab in Kerala - VPS Lakeshore

VPS Lakeshore introduces the most advanced cath lab in Kerala, an exclusive space to perform minimally invasive investigations and procedures.

May 25th 2021

VPS offered jobs to trapped healthcare workers in UAE!

കോവിഡ്-19 ന്റെ പശ്ചാത്തലത്തിൽ ജോലി വാഗ്‌ദാനങ്ങളാൽ പറ്റിക്കപ്പെടുകയും ജോലിക്കുവേണ്ടി ബുദ്ധിമുട്ടുന്നതുമായ നിരവധി നഴ്സുമാർക്ക് ജോലിനൽകി വി.പി.എസ്.

May 11th 2021


Listen to what our Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon, VPS Lakshore, Kochi has to say about the Power to Remember.

April 29th 2021

CFLTC at VPS Lakeshore Kochi

VPS Lakeshore is providing Covid-19 First Line Treatment Centre for patients with mild symptoms

April 26th 2021

The Effect of Covid-19 on Diabetic Patients! Listen How To Take Care

കോവിഡ് കാലത്ത് പ്രമേഹരോഗികൾക്ക് വേണ്ട മുൻകരുതലിനെയും സംശയങ്ങളെ പറ്റിയും Dr.Joseph വിശദീകരിക്കുന്നു

April 24th 2021

Diabetics and Health during Covid-19 Pandemic

Dr. Joseph K Joseph speaks about the significance of maintaining a healthy BMI through the inclusion of exercise in our day-to-day schedule

April 12th 2021

Kidney Transplantation even in Covid Survivors

Five patients who were recently recovered from Covid 19 underwent successful Kidney transplantation at VPS Lakeshore hospital. After the surgeries, all the patients are doing well.

March 25th 2021

VPS Lakeshore Hospital to offer discounts for ICSI members

VPS Lakeshore Hospital to offer discounts on treatments and tests for Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) members.

March 23rd 2021

Youth who suffered burns from sanitizer fire gets cured

VPS Lakeshore revived the life of a young man who suffered severe burns after sanitizer fell on his body

February 4th 2021

Rare surgery to remove thyroid tumor saves women’s life

Vaheeda Beegum, 31, a native of Lakshadweep went through a life-threatening condition caused by a huge thyroid tumour which had grown into her chest cavity.

February 1st 2021

VPS Lakeshore Doctor wins best video award

Dr Vigneswara Srinivasan won the ‘The Best Video Prize’ at UAKON for the video on ‘Laparoscopic Management of Vascular Injury during Partial Nephrectomy in Solitary Kidney’

January 3rd 2021

Massive tumour (18cm) removed through laparoscopic surgery in a 76-year-old patient

A 76-year-old patient successfully recovered, after a 3D laparoscopic surgery to remove a massive tumor (18 cm) in the kidney.

December 22nd 2020

Kidney Stones- Symptoms & Treatment

Dr Datson George P, Consultant Urologist, Endourologist & Transplant Surgeon, VPS Lakeshore talks about the early symptoms of kidney stones, its causes and treatment.

December 11th 2020

Comprehensive Sleep Disorders Clinic opened in VPS Lakeshore

Sleep disorder clinic has been opened in VPS Lakeshore to aid people combating with sleep issues.

December 7th 2020

Kerala Doctors’ New Reconstruction Technique find place in British Medical Journal

Kerala doctors’ new reconstruction techniques in head and neck surgery find place in British medical journal

December 4th 2020

Kerala doctors’ new reconstruction techniques in British medical journal

Leading cancer institutes across the country have already started using these techniques that save 30% treatment expense and reduces 2-3 days ICU stay.

December 3rd 2020

Successful Minimally Invasive CABG done on an elderly woman

Minimally Invasive OPCABG done on an elderly patient, aged 73 with unstable angina.

December 3rd 2020

Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery done successfully

30-year-old patient with mitral valve prolapse and complaints of exertional dyspnea.

December 1st 2020

Emergency Care for Stroke Patients

VPS Lakeshore Hospital has launched a Comprehensive Stroke Care Program to enable rapid care for acute stroke patients.

November 19th 2020

Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil has been re-elected as the Vice Chairman of Amanat

Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil has been re-elected as the Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Amanat Holdings for the second time.

November 12th 2020

VPS Lakeshore hospital opens Post Covid Clinic

Post Covid Care Clinic has been opened in VPS Lakeshore to take care of patients whose body has taken a toll mentally and physically after contracting with the Covid-19 virus.

November 2nd 2020

VPS Lakeshore to join hands with BPCL for Medical Aid Society

VPS Lakeshore to join hands with BPCL for Medical Aid Society

October 31st 2020


This course is aimed to provide the clinician with skills to analyse, interpret and evaluate scientific data and publications.

October 28th 2020

Psoriasis : Symptoms and Facts

സോറിയാസിസ് പകർച്ചവ്യാധിയല്ല, സോറിയാസിസനെക്കുറിച്ചും അതുവരാനുള്ള സാധ്യതകളെക്കുറിച്ചും ശരിയായ ചികിത്സാരീതികളെയും കൂടുതൽ മനസിലാക്കാം.

October 20th 2020

Advanced Technologies in Diabetes Treatment - Dr. Joseph K. Joseph

പ്രമേഹരോഗ ചികിത്സയിലെ നൂതന സാങ്കേതിക വിദ്യകൾ - ഡോ. ജോസഫ് കെ. ജോസഫ്

September 11th 2020

860 ഡയാലിസിസിനു ശേഷം ബാബുവിനും 7 വര്‍ഷത്തെ ചികിത്സയ്ക്കൊടുവില്‍ സിന്ധുവിനും ഇത് പുനര്‍ജന്മം.

860 ഡയാലിസിസിനു ശേഷം ബാബുവിനും 7 വര്‍ഷത്തെ ചികിത്സയ്ക്കൊടുവില്‍ സിന്ധുവിനും ഇത് പുനര്‍ജന്മം.

September 11th 2020

After 860 dialysis and 7 years of waiting, it's second lease of lives for Babu and Sindhu

After 860 dialysis and 7 years of waiting, it's second lease of lives for Babu and Sindhu

September 8th 2020

All you need to know about Brain Tumours

Dr ArunOommen, Sr Consultant Neurosurgery, VPS Lakeshore talks all about early signals, risk factors and treatment of Brain Tumours.

September 8th 2020

We are here for your health and happiness

Whatever be your medical situation, our emergency and trauma care facility, and all other departments work 24/7 to restore your health.

August 26th 2020

Rare Liver Transplant saves 63-year-old

Doctors at VPS Lakeshore Hospital, Kochi performed a difficult liver surgery on Surajmal, 63, who was suffering from a rare complication.

August 24th 2020

Byju continues his volunteer service after Death

The volunteer activities of T Byju (37) of Kappanayil House at Kotheri in Mattannur, Kannur, who had dedicated most of his life for social service, will continue after his death.

August 20th 2020

First batch EMT students successfully completed the course

Our first batch of students (2018-2020) successfully completed ‘Emergency Medical Technician’ course (EMT-A) with 100% result.

August 7th 2020

DNB final year practical exam 2019

The DNB final year practical exam 2019 was conducted at VPS Lakeshore Hospital and Research Center on August 7, 2020.

July 28th 2020

Pledge to find the Missing Millions

A troubling truth is that over 80% of the Hepatitis patients are completely unaware that they are infected.

July 26th 2020

Surgical training and med conference

MISCON: Finding new methods to spread Medical Education programmes and Surgical training amidst the pandemic.

July 14th 2020

VPS Lakeshore gets approval for Covid tests; also receives NABL accreditation

VPS Lakeshore gets approval for Covid tests; also receives NABL accreditation

July 14th 2020

Depression: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Depression: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

July 4th 2020

Lakeshore will provide discount for the patients coming from our neighbouring Residents Associations

We will provide our services at a discount for the patients coming from our neighboring Panangad Zonal Residents Association and Kumbalam Residents Association.

July 3rd 2020

A successful Minimally Invasive CABG

A successful Minimally Invasive CABG

July 2nd 2020

A+ winning student's father collapses to death

UAE-based Indian doctor and entrepreneur to take over the educational expense of deceased NRI’s son

June 20th 2020

VPS Lakeshore to offer discount for Police Officers Association Members

VPS Lakeshore to offer discount for Police Officers Association Members

June 8th 2020

The A to Z of facial masks by Dr. P Shobha

The A to Z of facial masks by Dr. P Shobha

May 28th 2020

Our doctors are now just a call away, Lakeshore started Mobile Clinic Consultation

Our doctors are now just a call away, Lakeshore started Mobile Clinic Consultation

May 26th 2020

Systemic tackling of monsoon fevers amidst COVID-19

Systemic tackling of monsoon fevers amidst COVID-19

May 24th 2020

Sri Lankan national's liver transplanted during lockdown at VPS Lakeshore

Sri Lankan national's liver transplanted during lockdown at VPS Lakeshore

May 21st 2020

A 105-member Kerala medical team travelled to UAE for COVID-19 mission.

A 105-member Kerala medical team travelled to UAE for COVID-19 mission.

May 18th 2020

VPS Lakeshore offers free checkups and counseling to returning NRIs and their families

VPS Lakeshore offers free checkups and counseling to returning NRIs and their families

May 15th 2020

സൗജന്യ ഹെല്‍ത്ത് ചെക്കപ്പുക്കൾ

തിരിച്ചെത്തുന്ന വിദേശ മലയാളികള്‍ക്ക് സൗജന്യ ഹെല്‍ത്ത് ചെക്കപ്പുക്കൾ

May 12th 2020

International Nurses Day Contest

International Nurses Day Contest

March 31st 2020

Signs and Symptoms of Autism Disorder

Autism disorder is a neurodevelopmental condition that can affect a person's feelings, behavior, and social interaction. Learn more about autism, symptoms, causes, and treatment.

March 30th 2020

Defense - Three Services from VPS Lakeshore to help you this Lockdown

As a part of the corona lockdown, VPS lakeshore is ensuring free Tele-Consultation, Video Consultation, and home delivery of medicine.

March 25th 2020

Percutaneous Quilting Technique for the Treatment of Morel‑Lavallée Lesion

This study looks at the outcome of the percutaneous quilting technique for the treatment of closed degloving injuries or Morel-Lavallée lesions (MLL).

March 21st 2020

Corona - Chinese doctors hold net meeting with doctors from VPS Lakeshore

Corona - Chinese doctors hold a net meeting with doctors from VPS Lakeshore

March 13th 2020

Corona Virus - VPS Lakeshore and She Medias launch music video

Corona Virus - VPS Lakeshore and She Medias launch music video

March 4th 2020

Official Launch of Obesity Clinic

Official Launch of Obesity Clinic

February 19th 2020

VPS Lakeshore initiated two different CSR projects

VPS Lakeshore initiated two different CSR projects

February 5th 2020

Cancer Awareness Session

Cancer Awareness Session

February 2nd 2020

Kerala with the Highest number of Cancer Patients in India

Kerala with the Highest number of Cancer Patients in India

January 25th 2020

8 month old underweight baby undergoes successful liver transplant at Lakeshore Hospital

A team of experts of VPS Lakeshore, led by Dr. Abhishek Yadav, successfully performed liver transplantation on an 8-month old underweight baby who had underdeveloped lungs.

January 20th 2020

Project Samaritan Mass Programme launched

Project Samaritan Mass Programme launched

January 16th 2020

Cardiac medical camp at VPS Lakeshore hospital

The Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery departments of VPS Lakeshore Hospital will be organizing a cardiac medical camp on January 20-25, 2020.

December 5th 2019

VPS Healthcare Signs MoU With Dubai Health Authority.

VPS Lakeshore now signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Dubai Health Authority

December 2nd 2019

Dubai Health Authority visits VPS Lakeshore

A senior delegation of Dubai Health Authority officials led by His Excellency Humaid Al Qutami, Director-General of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), visited VPS Lakeshore Hospital.

November 21st 2019


A Sleep workshop has been organized at VPS Lakeshore hospital, as part of NAPCON, a joint national conference of Indian Chest Society and national college of chest physicians.

November 18th 2019

Spyglass DS II - The latest Advancement in Cholangioscopy now at VPS Lakeshore

Spyglass DS II - The latest Advancement in Cholangioscopy now at VPS Lakeshore

November 13th 2019

VPS Lakeshore has started Nucleic Acid Test(NAT)

VPS Lakeshore has started Nucleic Acid Test(NAT) to reduce the risk of Transfusion Transmissible Infections (TTI) like HIV, HBV, and HCV

November 5th 2019

Dr. Shamsheer Vayaylil wins award from Kerala State Minority Welfare Department

Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil, Chairman and Managing Director of VPS Healthcare, wins award from Kerala State Minority Welfare department.

November 1st 2019

From healthy eating to drug: Beat obesity most effectively

A nutritious diet and exercise is the most effective option, says expert

October 28th 2019

Psoriasis Medical Camp by VPS Lakeshore

Psoriasis Medical Camp by Lakeshore

October 25th 2019

Kayakalp Certification

Kayakalp Certification

October 24th 2019

Dr. Datson George Senior Consultant

Dr. Datson George, Senior Consultant in Dept. of Urology has bagged the first prize for Best Video Presentation

October 15th 2019

International Infection Prevention Week Program

ആഗോള അണുബാധ പ്രതിരോധ വാരാചരണം വി പി എസ് ലേക്ഷോർ ഹോസ്പിറ്റലിൽ നടത്തി.

October 14th 2019

Article by Dr. Hari Mohan

Clearing Misconceptions About Pallative Care

October 1st 2019

VPS Lakeshore declares 10% dividend: To Open New Medical Center in Kozhikode

Lakeshore Hospital & Research Centre Ltd, the promoters of VPS Lakeshore Hospital, has declared 10% dividend

September 25th 2019

Poshan Express in VPS Lakeshore

VPS Lakeshore welcomed POSHAN EXPRESS, an initiative by the Govt. of India.

August 28th 2019

Rare liver transplant saves 13-month-old baby’s life

VPS Lakeshore Hospital has saved the life of a 13-month-old baby named Hana Fathima.

August 23rd 2019

Training program for students in life-saving skills inaugurated

Madhav Chandran, District Governor, Rotary International District 3201, inaugurated Project Samaritan

August 17th 2019

Kerala Flood Relief Medical Camp

Kerala Flood Relief Medical Camp

August 3rd 2019

The Next Phase

A writeup on Diabetics by Dr Joseph.K. Joseph

August 1st 2019

അമ്മിഞ്ഞപ്പാൽ എന്ന സ്നേഹാമൃതം

അമ്മിഞ്ഞപ്പാൽ എന്ന സ്നേഹാമൃതം - Dr. Smitha Joy, Dept of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

July 28th 2019

Hepatitis screening camp at VPS Lakeshore Hospital

VPS Lakeshore Hospital, Kochi will organize a Hepatitis screening camp from August 01-07, 2019

June 25th 2019

Automatic Patient Registration

Automatic Patient Registration started at Lakeshore

June 16th 2019

Lakeshore's Helping Hand for the Woman from Lakshadweep

Lakeshore's Helping Hand for the Woman from Lakshadweep

May 7th 2019

Achieving Good Asthma Control

A writeup on achieving Good Asthma Control by Dr. Rahul Antony Simon

May 5th 2019

Comprehensive Liver Care Institute opened at VPS Lakeshore

Comprehensive Liver Care Institute

April 16th 2019

VPS Lakeshore Hospital - Liver Transplantation

VPS Lakeshore Hospital Kochi - Success Story - Liver Transplantation

April 10th 2019

VPS Lakeshore Hospital

VPS Lakeshore Hospital

April 3rd 2019

IHNS Inauguration News

IHNS Inauguration News

February 2nd 2019

Women's Urology Clinic

Women's Urology Clinic Inauguration

January 12th 2019

VPS Lakeshore's Largest Heart Model

VPS Lakeshore's Largest Heart Model

January 9th 2019

Thyroid & Laproscopic Surgery

Thyroid & Laproscopic Surgery

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January 3rd 2019

A rare surgery at VPS Lakeshore removes bullet parts from an Omani boy's brain.

A rare surgery at VPS Lakeshore removes bullet parts from an Omani boy's brain.

January 2nd 2019

Surgery Conducted to remove bullet from Omani Boy's Brain

Surgery Conducted to remove bullet from Omani Boy's Brain

November 16th 2018

Get to know the diseases that affect the backbone

Get to know the diseases that affect the backbone