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Corona - Chinese doctors hold net meeting with doctors from VPS Lakeshore
March 21st 2020

Corona - Chinese doctors hold net meeting with doctors from VPS Lakeshore

A team of doctors from Kochi's VPS Lakeshore Hospital had had an online discussion with a group of Chinese medical specialists on Friday including doctors from Wuhan on their experiences in the prevention and management of Covid 19 outbreak. The Chinese medical team shared their experiences on the difficulty they faced at the initial phase of the outbreak, and subsequent timely scaling up of activities that helped them in successfully containing the outbreak. It was in this context that Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil, Chairman, VPS Healthcare, advised his team of doctors at VPS Lakeshore Hospital in Kochi to hold such a meeting. The Chinese experts took part in the net meeting included Prof Chen Yagang from Wuhan Xu Jian, Party Committee Secretary and President, Fourth Academy of Zhejiang; Dr. Xu Shiaho, Vice President and a critical care consultant.

The Lakeshore medical team opined that though the current situation in Kerala is manageable, we should adopt all the preventive measures proposed by our health authorities to prevent progressing to the stage of community transmission. The hospitals should have an adequate supply of personal protective equipment to ensure personal safety and to cut the chain of transmission.