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November 24th 2023

Enormous 7kg Ovarian Tumor Removed from 60-Year-Old Patient

In an extraordinary medical occurrence, Sajeera Beavi, a 60-year-old individual, underwent a complex surgical procedure to extract an unexpectedly large 7kg tumor nestled within her ovary. She underwent surgery at Kochi VPS Lakeshore Emergency Department after experiencing severe abdominal pain and vomiting for a day. Medication for stomach pain was administered, but it was ineffective.

Dr. Smita Joy, the Head of Gynecology and Obstetrics and a Senior Consultant, discovered the tumor during the examination. Following a CT scan, urgent surgery was advised. Sajeera Beavi underwent a complex three-hour surgery to remove the stomach tumor. Dr. Smitha Joy led the intricate three-hour surgery, removing the tumor, ovaries, and uterus due to biopsy findings indicating a borderline tumor and Beavi's age. Reflecting on this unprecedented case, Dr. Smitha Joy expressed astonishment, citing it as a first in their professional career encountering such a sizable ovarian tumor. Dr. Joy noted the surprising absence of additional discomfort such as back pain, a noteworthy aspect considering the tumor's considerable size and impact on Sajeera Beevi's health.

Advised to rest for three months post-surgery, Sajeera Beevi, originally from Pathanamthitta Adoor and residing in Kochi, is now in excellent health. This extraordinary case emphasizes timely medical attention and Beavi's remarkable recovery. Link: https://www.deepika.com/News_Cat2_sub.aspx?catcode=cat5&newscode=679269 https://www.keralasabdam.in/news/7kg-tumor-in-the-ovary-was-removed-through-a-complex-surgery/