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Bariatric Surgery - Types, Benefits and Cost - VPS Lakeshore

Bariatric Surgery - Types, Benefits and Cost - VPS Lakeshore

Know everything about Bariatric Surgery - Types, Benefits and Cost - VPS Lakeshore

Obesity has plunged many people into constant health issues, dietetic worries and above all, lack of confidence. Exercising and following diets can limit the recurrence of fat deposits to a great extent. But there is a limit in trying to beat the type of obesity that has gone beyond control. 
Medical advancements over time, have come to our rescue on the backdrop of such complications that seem impossible to be resolved. Obesity, as mentioned above is a major concern of that sort, too many. Bariatric Surgery is a great solution that is solely designed to bring about a remarkable change of physique and thereby, to wipe the threat of obesity and related medical illnesses permanently. 
Know everything about Bariatric Surgery if you have been thinking about it lately.

Bariatric surgery focuses on bringing alterations to your digestive system which consequently, helps you lose weight on an extensive scale. Basically, the surgery reduces the hormone Ghrelin - which if more stimulates appetite and promotes fat deposition in the body. The procedure also reduces the capacity to which a stomach can afford food. Bariatric Surgery is the most suitable for people whose BMI (Body Mass Index) exceeds 35. The perfect phase to direct an individual towards Bariatric Surgery is when they do not achieve any positive results in fighting obesity, even after relying on medications or bringing changes to their lifestyle. 
Bariatric surgery can be suggested to anyone who is struggling with other health problems resulting from obesity, like Dyslepedemia, high Blood Pressure, sleep disorders, PCOD.


Weight Loss for Long Period: One of the most satisfying goals which can be achieved by Bariatric Surgery is the long-term weight loss. Up to 50 percent or more of the excess weight can be restricted for quite a long period of time. 
Simultaneous Solution to Other Diseases: As already discussed, obesity brings along other diseases to the body that continues to coexist with the condition of excess fat deposits. The weight loss brought by Bariatric Surgery leads to the ceasing of such diseases and their effects. Improved Well-being: The repeated failures in fighting obesity brings many individuals to hopelessness, depression, and anxiety. As Bariatric Surgery is an assured and well-proven solution to eliminate obesity, it helps people to retain confidence, improve happiness and maximize their social engagements. All of these highly add to an individual’s wellbeing and to the quality of his/her life.

There are two types of Bariatric Surgeries namely, Restrictive Surgeries and Malabsorptive Surgeries. Restrictive Surgeries reduce and restrict the size of a stomach and reduce Ghrelin. On the other hand, Malabsorptive Surgeries not only reduces the stomach-size but also physically eliminates certain parts of the digestive tract from digestion process so that the nutrients or calories do not get absorbed into the body. 

There are different procedures by which Bariatric Surgery is performed under these two categories. Some of them are as follows: Roux-en-Y Gastric BypassSleeve GastrectomyDuodenal Switch
Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass: The stomach is surgically separated into two sections by the use of parallel titanium staples. The upper section which is connected to the esophagus continues to receive and absorb food like before, whereas the lower section is blocked from coming into any contact with food. 
Sleeve Gastrectomy: The stomach is restricted and divided in a vertical manner. Like the above-mentioned procedure, only one of the divided sections can absorb food. However, the functioning of the stomach is kept intact even though the capacity to accommodate more food is reduced. 
Duodenal Switch: This is a combination of both restrictive and malabsorptive facets. The restrictive part is involved in removing 70% of the stomach and a major part of the duodenum.The malabsorptive aspect is about reframing the larger portion of the intestine to form two different pathways and one common channel. Only the shorter path is allowed to take food while the other one carries bile. The objective is to lower the amount of time the body takes to absorb the calories and fat from food. Only about 20% of fat could be absorbed by the body after this surgery is performed. 

There is a common misconception among the crowd that Bariatric Surgeries are way too expensive and unaffordable. The price of Bariatric Surgery is, however, dependent on a range of factors like the hospital, location, surgeon’s charges, and most importantly on the type of procedure one chooses to be performed. The cost of Bariatric Surgery in India is quite affordable when compared to those in foreign countries. Bariatric Surgeries are priced lower in Kerala. What’s certain and sure is that the cost which a person invests for this cause is worth it. The results are marked beyond satisfaction and it is one of the best ways to eliminate obesity from your life. 

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