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Successful Hip surgery for a woman at the age of 99, mobilized on the same day

Successful Hip surgery for a woman at the age of 99, mobilized on the same day

99-year old, Pennamma Abraham recovers walking ability after tremendous fracture in the hip.

A 99- year old woman from Alleppey district of Kerala recovered her walking ability after being fallen and fracturing her right hip.

Pennamma Abraham, 99, was not able to walk due to a fracture on her right hip after being fallen and was admitted at Lakeshore hospital on 29th August 2020. She had been admitted following a worsening in her condition and was taken care of by the staff of the Orthopedics department. The very next day, Pennamma was taken for the surgery after which she successfully recovered her walking ability. 

“Hip fracture among the elderly is rising with an increasing lifespan of the world population. Prevention of these fractures by early diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of progress using born specific metabolic blackness, measuring bone turnover markers and bone mineral density is the key to prevent these insufficiency fractures of hip, wrist spine and pelvis,” said Dr. Jacob Varghese, Head of Orthopedics. 

Pennamma was mobilized the same day after the surgery to get back home and join her family. Precisely for a total of four days, she was given the most expert care and professional necessities.

Deriving a narrative conclusion Dr. Jacob also mentioned that, with safe anesthetic precautions and effective surgical methods, fractures can be recovered as so is the example of this 99-year old woman.