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Joint Preservation and Replacement

Joint Preservation and Replacement

Joint preservation helps you to prevent or delay major surgeries with relatively simpler procedures. Find out more about this procedure:

Increased longevity, obesity and extreme sports have caused an epidemic of Knee pain. Considering knee as an organ, time-dependent correction of alignment, ligaments, meniscus and cartilage will help delay the inevitable organ failure. In the elderly, knee replacement surgery has been a solution for organ failure by providing pain relief and improving function. As the middle-aged and elderly are leading a more active lifestyle the demands on the knee are higher.
We, at VPS Lakeshore, pioneered joint preservation surgery techniques by combining the following methods in the first stage when possible.

1. Correct the mal-alignment by osteotomy
2. Repair meniscus with enhanced techniques to promote healing using bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells or replacing meniscus to improve cartilage nutrition and shock absorption
3. Early biologic repair of all ligaments and tendons in one stage to improve stability
4. Repair of cartilage defects using gel-based autologous cartilage cells and scaffolds.

Using biological methods like leucocyte-poor, platelet-rich plasma and interleukin 1 Alpha receptor antagonist, we help joint to repair itself preserving the joint for better function in age and injury-related deterioration of joint and tendons. Under the care and expertise of top specialists in the field, VPS Lakeshore in Ernakulam offers the best joint preservation surgery in Kerala.