The department of Pathology in VPS Lakeshore runs a full-fledged laboratory providing complete range of diagnostic services in the various subspecialties of Surgical Pathology, Frozen section, Hematology, Cytology and Immunohistochemistry. The department has experienced and dedicated technical staff and state of the art facilities.

The department processes approximately 14500 surgical specimens per year, of which about half are from VPS Lakeshore and the rest are referrals from other hospitals. Approximately 4200 Cytology, FNAC and Bone marrow specimens, 500 frozen sections, 2000 specimens for Immunohistochemistry and 600 specimens for immunofluorescence are also processed and reported every year. Paraffin blocks of surgical specimens are referred from other hospitals in India and abroad for second opinion and Immunohistochemistry.

The Department has expertise for evaluating Renal, Liver and Cardiac Transplant related biopsies. Liquid cytology, determination of Hormone receptor status in breast carcinoma, Immunohistochemistry of lymphoma/leukemia, soft tissue and epithelial tumors are performed routinely in the department.

The Indian College of Pathologists (ICP) has recognised the Department of Pathology at VPS Lakeshore for conducting PDCC course in Gastrointestinal & Hepatic Pathology.





1. Dr. Pushpa Mahadevan Sr. Consultant & HOD
2. Dr. Renu Suresh Paul Sr. Consultant
3. Dr. Jayasree M G Consultant
4. Dr. Iona Leekha Mathew Consultant
5. Dr. Sreelatha. K. N Consultant
6. Dr. Elizabeth Manuel Sr. Registrar
7. Dr. Amy Maria Sr. Registrar