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Dr. Molly Johny

Sr. Consultant and Head of Microbiology

Dr. Molly Johny

Sr. Consultant and Head of Microbiology


MBBS, MD Microbiology, MSc Immunology


Laboratory & Clinical

Dr. Molly Johny has more than 40 years experience in Clinical Microbiology, providing diagnostic & therapeutic services.She was working as Head of Microbiology Unit and Consultant Microbiologist in Amiri hospital (a 500 bed teaching hospital), Ministry of Health, Kuwait, before joining here at VPS Lakeshore. Dr. Molly was Chair person, Infection Control Committee and have been teaching medical students and postgraduate trainees including MRCPath trainees. She has gained experience in the field of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious diseases and in Hospital Infection Control by working in Christian Medical College & hospital, Vellore, and in hospitals abroad such as IMVS, Royal Adelaide Hospital & Queen Elizabeth hospital, Adelaide, Australia and University of Alberta hospital, Edmonton, Canada. Dr. Molly has also underwent short periods of training in CDC, Atlanta, USA, UCLA hospital, Los Angeles, USA, London School of tropical Medicine, UK and by visiting other centers in USA.

Interfacing laboratory results with clinical management

Continuous interaction with clinicians about test results & discussion about appropriate antibiotic therapy and progress of patients; in the management of positive blood cultures, (eg: neutropenic sepsis), management of ICU patients with organ failure & support systems by direct and regular liaison with intensive care doctors, advice on usage of broad spectrum antibiotics for MDR pathogens, conduct ward rounds and ICU rounds and provide diagnostic and clinical consultations 24hrs a day.

Preparation of the Antibiotic policy for the hospital and assist in implementation of Antimicrobial Stewardship program (AMS)

Hospital Infection Control

Guiding Infection Control nurses in infection control issues, implementation of Infection control policies, holding Infection control Committee meetings and performing all the functions of Infection Control Officer.

The Microbiology Department in VPS Lakeshore functions as an integrated unit with Bacteriology, Mycology and Serology sections and the laboratory is working 24 hours. Dr. Molly Johny is responsible for overall operation of the lab, administration, supervision, selection of competent personnel, training, new techniques, Quality Control, Safety in Microbiology, updating procedure manuals and SOPs and accreditation.

Other Information


Dr. Molly Johny has more than 50 publications (papers & posters) in Bacteriology, Mycology & Immunology and in therapeutic management of Infectious diseases.


Member of American Society of Microbiology from 1983.