Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Patient Rights

  • Respect for spiritual & cultural needs
  • Respect for personal dignity & privacy during examination procedures & treatment
  • Protection from mental & physical abuse or neglect
  • Confidentiality of hospital care & clinical information
  • Right to refuse the treatment
  • Obligatory informed consent before anesthesia, blood & blood product transfusions & any invasive high risk procedure / treatment
  • Information & consent before initiating any research protocol
  • Information on how to voice a complaint.
  • Information on expected cost of treatment
  • Access to his / her clinical records
  • Information on plan of care, treatment & healthcare needs

Patient's Responsibilities

  • Complying with hospital rules & Regulations: The patient and families have to observe the hospital rules and regulations and co-operate with the hospital staff to perform their duties.
  • Observe the rules of common courtesy: The Patient and families have to respect the dignity of hospital staff and to be considerate to other patient's and their rights
  • Being honest and good communication: Patient's and families have the responsibility to give genuine information regarding name, age, nationality and address of the patient and to be truthful with your practitioner while providing medical history and other matter relating to your present health.
  • Patient's have responsibility to request information or clarification about their health status or treatment when they do not fully understand what has been described.
  • Being respectful to healthcare provider: Patient's and families have to respect the hospital rights which conform to legal, social and religious requirements of the hospital and its staff members and also the safety of its equipment and premises. 
  • Complying with treatment plans: Since you and your doctor will have worked together to agree on a treatment plan, you should comply with that plan to achieve the best possible outcome.
  • Accepting Consequences: Patient's and their families are responsible for the outcome if they do not follow the treatment and the instructions given by the health care providers in the hospital.
  • Meeting financial obligations: The patient's and families have the responsibility to meet their financial obligations with regard to medical care and other services and promptly settle their hospital bills