Patient Guide

Thank you for choosing VPS Lakeshore to meet your health care needs. We realize that it is a stressful experience for you and your family during your stay in the hospital and we pledge to do everything we can to make you as comfortable as possible. VPS Lakeshore is committed to provide you with the best medical care and keep you fully informed about how things are done at our Hospital. The doctors, nurses and staff on our health care team are highly skilled individuals who pull out all stops to help you to recover fast and make your stay with us as comfortable as possible.

Right from the moment you walk into VPS Lakeshore, you will be assisted by a team of Public Relation Assistants who will provide a broad spectrum of services for you and your family members, to ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience from pre-arrival to follow up care. Your admission to the Hospital may be a planned one or might be unexpected. Either way, you will be assigned to an excellent team of health care consultants. Once admitted, our nursing team will review some basic information with you and your family explaining visiting hours and policies, as well as orient you to your immediate surroundings, hospital routines and services. The health care team will also inform you and family about the medical treatment. Please provide the team with accurate and complete information so that your care will best meet your needs. Our staff is always available to answer your questions or concerns.

Financial Arrangements, Insurance

Our admission desk may verify and pre-certify your insurance coverage while you are in the hospital. You may be asked for your insurance card, policy number, insurance company's address, and claim forms. The Hospital will bill your insurance company directly for services that are covered in the case of TPA card holders. The information on approved insurance companies will be available in the Insurance department. The department can be contacted at +91-484-2772067 or The Hospital accepts cash, demand draft and VISA or MasterCard.

Identification Band

Your ID band shows your name and medical record number. Do not remove it while you are in the hospital.


Medications you bring from home should not be taken unless your doctor or nurse tells you to do so. Please inform your doctor or nurse about all the medications that you are currently consuming, including over-the-counter drugs and herbal supplements. All medications required during your stay at the hospital will be ordered by your doctor and supplied by the hospital pharmacy. Using medications not prescribed by your doctor may upset a carefully planned program of treatment and could be very harmful to you.

Electrical Appliances

Radios, hair dryers, portable televisions and other personal appliances are not permitted because they may pose an electrical hazard.

Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

Smoking and alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited in the hospital premises.


Please keep the volume low so as not to disturb other patients.

Your Room

At VPS Lakeshore we want to make your stay as comfortable as possible. A room that best suits your needs will be assigned to you. If it is not suitable, you may ask to be moved to another room based on availability. The hospital makes every effort to give you the type of room you request for. High precautions are taken to protecting patients from infections and other concerns. All the patient rooms are provided with hand rub as safe hand washing procedure.


Your Consultant doctor leads your health care team. He or she will be assisted by a highly professional medical team.

Palliative/Supportive Care

The VPS Lakeshore incorporates inpatient palliative care for patients and their families to enhance quality end-of-life care and ease the suffering of people diagnosed with advanced progressing life-limiting conditions. This special care is designed to alleviate symptoms like pain, shortness of breath, nausea, fatigue and as well as to offer counseling to help them adjust to a chronic condition. Patients receiving palliative care work with multidisciplinary teams to make decisions about the best way to cope with their illness.

Birth Registration

All newborn babies need to be registered at the Birth Registration Counter of the hospital. The Medical Records Department will prepare a birth certificate, get all required signatures for the certificate & file the certificate with the concerned authorities


A multi-cuisine cafeteria functions on the Ground floor of the hospital where meals and snacks are provided.


At the time of discharge, your health care team will give you instructions on how to care for yourself at home.

Understanding Your Bill

Your bill from the Hospital includes tests and procedures suggested by your doctor, room charges, nursing care charges and diet charges. In case of any queries please contact Ext No: 2102.

Safety and Security

Throughout the VPS Lakeshore, the commitment to quality care and patient safety is always a top priority. The Security Department helps ensure a safe and secure environment for patients, visitors, staff and employees. The department operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Security officers are assigned to stationary and roving posts throughout the hospital building, including the parking lots. A fire alarm system throughout the campus alerts security control on smoke or fire. All security personnel are trained to be helpful and tactful, yet firm in implementing the established security procedures. Public access to the hospital is through the main lobby only.


At the time of discharge, a nurse or other staff member will help you get your things ready.

Informed Consent

Our doctors will explain to you about your illness, the plan for treating your illness, the possible benefits and risks of the treatment, other ways to treat your illness etc. To help you better understand your medical treatment, your doctor will inform you on what may happen if you decide against treatment. Your consent is needed before any treatment is initiated that may involve significant risk to you. Consent is not needed in certain emergencies where treatment cannot wait. That time the hospital may get consent from surrogate decision makers.

How to Store Belongings

Personal belongings can be stored in the bedside table or cabinet. Dentures or eyeglasses should be stored in cases. Small items should not be wrapped in paper towels or tissues because they may be mistaken for trash. The hospital will not be responsible for the safety of your personal belongings or money.


At the hospital, three meals are served daily. Each day, you will receive a menu of food choices for the next day. Your nurse or dietician can tell you the general meal timings and guide you to make choices. If you miss a meal because of tests or treatments, your nurse can arrange for you to receive it upon your return. A registered dietician plans your meals. If you want to discuss your diet or if you have special food requirements, ask your nurse to contact the dietician. * Food from outside is not permitted to brought to the Hospital.

Safety Policies

The following safety policies are to be followed:


While at the hospital, in case you hear a fire alarm, stay where you are. The hospital sometimes conducts fire drills to keep staff members update in fire safety and to test its alarm system. In case of a fire, staff members will direct you to safety.


In-house telephone is available throughout the hospital for free calls within the hospital.

Visitors Hours

Visitors are allowed only during below mentioned visiting hours. Monday - Saturday: 1 pm - 2 pm and 5 pm - 7 pm Sundays & Holidays: 10 am - 1 pm and 5 pm - 7 pm


The nursing staff will show you how to raise and lower the bed. Please do not try to get out of bed unless your doctor or nurse says it is okay. Your bed should always be in the "low" position when you get in or out of it. A nursing staff can help you with its adjustment. Your doctor or nurse may decide whether there is a specific medical reason for your bed rails to be raised. If so, please do not lower them yourself or allow a visitor to do so for you. Use the call signal to get a nursing staff if you need assistance.


Your nursing team includes Nursing Supervisors, Head Nurses, Staff Nurses, Nursing Assistants and others. The nursing team will plan your nursing care. On each shift, a specific registered nurse will supervise your care. If you have a question or face a problem, you can speak to your assigned nurses/nursing supervisor.The nursing staff will show you how to use the call signal in your room. They will respond to your call immediately.

Blood Bank

The Blood Bank at VPS Lakeshore is a modern state of art facility offering Blood Component Therapy. All blood collected is split into various components like Packed cells, Fresh Frozen plasma, Cryoprecipitate, Platelets, and Single Donor Platelets on request. Our blood bank provides 24x7 services and 100% voluntary blood collection and testing facilities that follows proper systems to ensure good quality of blood. We welcome blood donations by your family and friends. With your doctor's approval, their compatible blood will be reserved for you in case you need it.

Chapel, Mosque and Temple

Hospital time is a strenuous time for the patient & family. Prayers often help some patients and families cope with illness. VPS Lakeshore has a Chapel, Mosque & Temple located on the 3rd floor and is open 24 hours. Chaplains are available in the hospital on Sundays and when required.

Gift Shop & Book Shop

There is a Gift Shop and Book Shop in the main lobby. It carries a variety of magazines, newspapers, toiletries, snacks and gifts. It will be open from 9 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.

Medical Record Access

The Medical Record is a confidential document and access is limited to the patient and authorized persons. The patient can get a copy of his or her medical records by completing and signing an authorization form. For more information you may reach at +91-484-2772068.


The hospital has a 24 hours IP and OP pharmacy. The OP pharmacy is on the ground floor and IP pharmacy is on the second floor near to Ophthalmology OPD.

Transportation by Ambulance

If you are in need of Ambulance service for patient transfer, please contact the front office reception on +91-484-2772000.

Patient Satisfaction

We care about the quality of your hospital stay. Please fill up the feedback form provided to you and drop the same in the drop boxes provided. In case of any complaints or emergency please contact the Ext No:2000.

Follow-up Visits

Your doctor may schedule a return visit to check on your progress. Please take note of the day and time.