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MBBS, DNB Plastic Surgery


  • Internship - MGM Medical College, Aurangabad (2011-2012)
  • DNB Plastic Surgery-Medical Trust Hospital, Ernakulam (April 2014-April 2020)
  • Consultant Plastic surgeon- Rajagiri Hospital, Aluva (April 2020-June 2021)
  • Consultant Plastic surgeon -Ikon Hospital, Aurangabad (July 2021-April 2022)

Other Information


1. Free flaps

2. Replants

3. Head & Neck Reconstruction

4. Tendon Transfers

5. Management of Brachial Plexus injuries

6. Management of Congenital hand anomalies

7. Gynaecomastia Correction

8. Lipoabdominoplasty

9. Reduction & Augmentation Mammoplasty

10. Hand injury management

11. Limb Trauma management

12. AV Fistula Creation

13. Management of Hypertrophic Scars & Keloids

14. Management & post-burn Contractures

15. Pressure Sore Management

Studies, & Publications & Paper Presentation

Collagen dressing versus conventional paraffin gauze dressing for partial thickness stin graft donor site- A prospective randomized controlled trial.

Paper Presentation of Hand Tumours in KPSA - 2015.

Areas of Interest

1. Reconstructive and Microvascular Surgery

a. Free Flaps (ALT, Free Fibula, Radial artery, Gracilis, Groin, LD, DIEP etc)

b. Replantation of amputated Extremities, Fingers & toes.

c. Head & Neck Reconstruction.

d. Vascular injuries involving the upper and lower extremities.

2. Hand Surgery

a. Traumatic hand injuries (Tendon injuries, hand fractures, microvascular & neural injuries)

b. Flaps for finger defects 

c. Tendon Transfers for Nerve injuries,

d. Management of Brachial Plexus injuries

e. Carpal Tunnel & other compression neuropathies involving upper & lower extremity

f. Management of Congenital hand anomalies

3. Cosmetic Surgery

a. Abdominoplasty

b. Gynaecomastia correction

c. Liposuction and Body contouring

d. Reduction & Augmentation Mammoplasty

e. Facelift, Thread lift

f. Blepharoplasty

g. Botox & fillers

4. Other Plastic Surgery Procedures:

a. AV Fistula Creation

b. Non- Healing ulcer management

c. Pressure core management

d. Management of burns & burn sequelae

e. Hypertrophic Scat & Keloids

f. Ear lobe deformity corrections.

Best Plastic Surgeon in Ernakulam

Dr Momin Zakir

Associate Consultant