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Pain and Palliative Care

Palliative Care Departments In Kochi.

There are many new promising treatments which are available in modern medicine. Many people live longer, in spite of having diseases which seem to be incurable. Undoubtedly, they suffer from the trouble given by their symptoms.

The patients are served at both hospital and outpatient clinic as well. The Pain and Palliative Care team consists of Oncologists, Palliative Care Physicians, Counsellors, Nurses, and even Social Workers, delivering their best of efforts. The department’s future projects include the promotion of awareness about Palliative Care, by way of media articles, in-house training, workshops, courses, etc.

The Key Highlights of this department include:

Inpatient Services
Home-care services are soon to be started by the department, for patients who find it difficult to reach the hospitals. Palliative care is bound to help a patient in achieving normalcy and comfort with medical solutions. The Pain and Palliative Care department of VPS Lakeshore offers acute care throughout the trajectory of the disease. Consultation and Counselling on a disease-management plan where the best advice is revealed.

Outpatient Services

  • Chronic Pain Management using:
  • Non-pharmacological pain relieving methods like Yoga, Music Therapy Acupuncture, etc.

  • Interventional Pain Management Anesthetists or Interventional Radiologists when needed.

  • Proper management of other symptoms like Fatigue, which is mostly associated with patients with diseases. Anorexia, nausea, vomiting, constipation, dyspnoea are all great issues which need treatment.

  • Invasive procedures like paracentesis of fluids are used when required to provide relief.

  • Extreme care for patients with complicated and worsening diseases.

  • Advanced research in Palliative Medicine.

  • Encourages advocacy of families.

  • Coordination of the services by clinical psychologists and social workers.

  • Interactive sessions with patients and families.

  • Terminal care for permanently disabled.

  • Support for families in bereavement.

  • Patient-reference from all departments for treating chronic pain and other related illnesses.

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