Radiation Oncology

Department of Radiation Oncology at VPS Lakeshore Hospital, Kochi is a state of the art Radiation Oncology facility capable of delivering all modern techniques of radiation treatment, including Teletherapy (External radiation) and Brachytherapy (Internal Radiation).

For delivering External radiation (Teletherapy), there are two Linear Accelerator machines from ELEKTA. Versa HDâ„¢ with triple FFF technology is the latest version of Linear Accelerator series from ELEKTA. This is equipped with the AgilityTM 160 multi-leaf collimator for high-speed, high precision beam shaping, helping in delivering highly focused, precise dose to cancer cells while sparing surrounding normal organs. This enables a high degree of tumor control with minimal side effects. Having two functioning beam matched Linear Accelerator machine ensures an interruption free treatment at any time which is highly crucial for tumor control

Brachytherapy machine from ELEKTA delivers internal radiation and it is capable of delivering intracavitory, intra luminal and interstitial treatment to various sites.

We, at Department of Radiation Oncology at Lakeshore hospital in addition to delivering high precision radiation also endeavors to make treatment as comfortable as possible. Since radiation treatment has to be taken over multiple days, it is one among our quality indices not to make patient wait for more than 15-30 minutes daily before treatment delivery. This focus on reducing the waiting period to as minimum as possible will go a long way in reducing patient discomfort.

We believe in patient education and participation of the patient as well as their relatives in the decision making process. All aspects of the disease, various treatment options, expected benefits from treatment, its cost and complications will be fully explained to by the Consultant concerned. We will only be too glad to address all the concerns you may have. It is your right to understand and participate in the treatment process.

Our department includes highly trained and experienced staff. We have Radiation Oncologists, Medical Physicists, Radiation technologists, radiation Oncology nurses, Dieticians, and other professionals in the evaluation, planning, delivery, and ongoing review of each patient's treatment. All decisions regarding treatment would be made after discussion by doctors in appropriate tumor boards and every treatment plan would be peer reviewed before it is actually implemented on to the patient ensuring quality. It will be the focus of all our staff to give a compassionate and patient centered care as much as possible.


Department is equipped with two ELEKTA Versa HDTM Linear Accelerator Machines with Triple FFF technology and Agilityâ„¢ 160 multi-leaf collimators.

Triple FFF technology delivers treatment at a very high dose rate, thereby minimizing treatment time. This increases patient comfort as well as improves accuracy of treatment delivery.

AgilityTM 160 multi-leaf collimator ensures high-speed, high precision beam shaping, targeting tumor and minimizing dose to critical organs.

Capable of delivering all different radiation therapy techniques like, Three Dimensional conformal treatment (3DCRT), Intensity Modulated Radiation therapy (IMRT), Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT), and Stereotactic Radiation therapy including SRS (Stereotactic radiosurgery) and SRT (Stereotactic radiotherapy).

Cutting edge Radiation planning software tools allows precise localization of the tumor and normal structures. They allow us to quantify the dose received by the tumor as well as the normal structures and make appropriate modifications. Option of fusing previous diagnostic images (CT scans, MRI, or PET) with planning CT scans ensures accurate localization of tumor even after initial surgery or chemotherapy.

IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation therapy) offers even greater precision compared to normal three dimensional conformal treatment (3DCRT) techniques. This is achieved by modulating - or controlling the intensity of the radiation beam in numerous small volumes. IMRT is especially useful for treating head and neck, pelvic and thoracic tumors.

With ELEKTA VMAT (Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy) system, single or multiple radiation beams sweep in uninterrupted arcs around the patient. This is designed to improve dose distribution through intensity modulation and delivers the treatment two to eight times faster.

IGRT (Image guided Radiation therapy) ensures the accuracy of the delivery of the generated treatment plans. Cone Beam CT scan (CBCT) facility enables the Linear accelerator machine to take CT scan of the patient daily before treatment. Software automatically matches this CT scan image with that of the initial planning CT scan and any minor shift (if any) can be done before the actual treatment ensuring a high degree of accuracy of treatment delivery.

Stereotactic Radiation (indicated in few selected situations) enables delivery of very high doses of radiation (much higher than given during normal radiation) in a few fractions (number of days).

Dedicated wide bore, 4-D CT scanner form GE, for radiotherapy planning. This CT scanner is for the exclusive use for Radiation Oncology services and it would greatly enhance the work flow of the department. As it is a wide bore CT scanner it allows planning CT scans to be taken in proper treatment positions with appropriate immobilization devices.

4D CT scan simulation involves the acquisition of multiple CT scans during a patient's breathing cycle. Unlike regular CT scanners, the 4-D capability allows us to visualize the location of the tumor at various phases of respiration ensuring tumor is never missed.

Respiratory Gating options allow us to target tumors that move with respiration (eg . Breast, lung, liver and pancreas) with high degree of accuracy.

ELEKTA brachytherapy unit for delivering interstitial, intra cavitory and Intra luminal treatments.


1. Dr. Joseph Edison Sr. Consultant - Radiation Oncology
2. Dr. Nikhil Gopi Sr. Registrar
3 Dr. Nisha Eliza Thomas Associate Consultant
3 Dr. Gogy Jacob George Sr. Registrar


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