Accident & Emergency

We deliver 24 x7 gold-standard comprehensive Level-1 Accident & Emergency (A&E) care to all patients who arrive in the emergency department. Our emergency department offers a full range of accident and emergency care, as well as emergency surgery. We treat injuries and conditions including;

The unit is supported by trained doctors around the clock, cutting-edge technology and ambulance services with critical life-saving equipment manned by trained medical and EMT staff. The trauma team comprises of Critical Care Specialists, G.I Surgeons, Neurosurgeons, Orthopedic surgeons, EMT'sand nurses.


1. Dr. Sajan P. Augustine Casuality Medical Officer
2. Dr. Ansar S. Associate Consultant (Accident & Emergency)
3. Dr. Krishna Prasad. Senior Medical Officer
4. Dr. Mohammed A.A. Sr. Registrar