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Best Physiotherapy Department In Kochi.

The Physiotherapy Department at VPS Lakeshore functions systematically, offering comprehensive treatment facilities for patients. The mission of this department is to ensure that every patient regains the ability to use their body parts affected by injuries, illnesses or long term conditions. All physiotherapists working here, are registered members of the Indian Physiotherapy Association.

The department conducts a thorough assessment of the patient, to provide them with the apt treatment for their need.

The Physiotherapists ensure that they discuss the proposed treatment plan along with the treatment options.

An integrated and cohesive approach to patient care is what the department has to offer initially. The healthcare professionals retain and develop their skills in areas like Musculoskeletal, Chest and Elderly Rehabilitation.

Key Highlights Education and Advice By way of providing education and advice, the department aims to give a better understanding of a particular condition’s nature and also the reasons why a particular treatment program is chosen.

Exercise The prescription of exercises is involved in every Physiotherapy programme. It includes walking and more specific exercises for the purpose of strengthening the movement of the concerned body part. The physiotherapists discuss the prescribed exercises in detail, with the patients and instruct the frequency of exercise required for their body. Functional Activities

Here, the daily activities are split into smaller movements, in order to re-train the body in doing that particular activity in a smooth way. A common instance is practicing how to walk again, after depending on the crutches for a long period. The patient’s lifestyle is taken into account, in this segment. The risks involved in it are minimized by the physiotherapists here. Manual Therapy This involves the movement-practice of a specific joint in order to increase the range of movement. Soft tissue manipulation is done to improve circulation and fluid-movement, which itself promotes healing. The Physiotherapists here, have a thorough knowledge of the joint-positions, bones, and soft-tissues by which they decide the direction of pressures. Electrotherapy Interferential therapy is employed, which uses electrical currents to stimulate the nerves. This is effective in reducing the pain responses received by the brain.

The use of Ultrasound waves is done to heal the soft tissues such as ligaments and tendons. TENS Therapy, where electrode pads transmit electrical pulse across the skin, are used to reduce pain sensation. Russian Current/ High Voltage Galvanic Stimulation/ Faradic Muscle Stimulator are used. 

Mrs. Shalini Mishra





    • 13 years of experience working in hospitals like Max Super Specialty Hospital and Shanti Mukund Hospital, New Delhi.

Other Information

Problems Mainly Dealt With

  • Spinal and Joint problems.

  • Strains, Sprains and Sports injuries.

  • Back Pain.

  • Getting back in step after hip, knee and other joint replacements.

  • Arthritis and Osteoporosis.

  • Post-stroke Rehabilitation.

  • Neurological conditions such as Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis and neurological conditions.

  • Respiratory conditions.

  • Hand & Shoulder Rehabilitation Program.

  • Amputee Rehabilitation.

  • Cardiothoracic Rehabilitation.

Mrs. Shalini Mishra


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VPS Lakeshore offers free checkups and counseling to returning NRIs and their families

VPS Lakeshore offers free checkups and counseling to returning NRIs and their families



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