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Dr. Mallie Abraham

Sr. Consultant - Anaesthesia and Critical Care

Dr. Mallie Abraham

Sr. Consultant - Anaesthesia and Critical Care


MBBS, MD (Anaesthesia)


Dr. Mallie Abraham is an anesthesiologist with 19 years experience after completing M.D in anesthesiology from Medical College Kottayam. She has been an integral member of the Department of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care of VPS Lakeshore since its inception in 2003.

After completing MD in Anaesthesia, she had worked as anesthesiologist in PVS Memorial Hospital, Kochi, before joining Lakeshore Hospital. In Lakeshore Hospital, she has been involved in the anesthetic management of major surgical procedures in urology, gastro surgery including major hepatobiliary and pancreatic procedures, trauma and orthopedics including major joint replacements, spinal procedures like deformity correction such as scoliosis, oncosurgery including head and neck reconstruction, plastic surgery, neurosurgery including awake craniotomy, obstetrics and gynecology, including obstetric analgesia. She has also managed liver and renal transplantation independently, and their postoperative care. She has also been involved in anaesthetic management of interventional Neuroradiology and therapeutic and diagnostic GI endoscopy. She has also been involved in the critical care of complex disease entities as well as the postoperative patients admitted in the surgical, medical, neurology, transplantation and neonatal ICUs. She has also involved herself in the management and optimization of brain-dead patients and preparing them for multi-organ donation. She has also been actively involved in transporting critically ill patients from other peripheral centers to Lakeshore Hospital.

She has also been a teacher for National Board students in Anaesthesiology and has been their thesis guide for the last five years. She has also been involved in imparting training to students in Anesthesia technology. She has also been an appraiser for National Board examination, and has also been an examiner for fellowship students in transplant anaesthesia in Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi. She has also provided anaesthetic services to cases performed in live workshops as part of various conferences held by the departments of urology, gastrosurgery, and spine surgery.

Special interests

She has undergone training in ultrasound guided nerve blocks and vascular catheter placements. Has special interest in paediatric anaesthesia and nerve blocks.

Other Information


  • She regularly attends state and national conferences, and has also been a speaker and panelist in the same.
  • She was an invited faculty in CTAC 2012(CME on transplant anaesthesia and critical care)
  • She has co-authored the articles ‘spinal epidural haematoma following rivaroxaban administration after total knee replacement surgery’ published in the Indian Journal of Anaesthesiology(IJA): August 2015, and Wilm’s tumor with intracardiac extension: multimodal approach to a challenging case published in IJA March 2016
  • She has been secretary of the Kochi Branch of the ISCCM (Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine) from 2012 to 2014.