Rare heart surgery performed to remove blood clot and blocks from a 45-year-old man's heart

Rare heart surgery performed to remove blood clot and blocks from a 45-year-old man's heart

In a very rare surgery lasting seven hours, doctors at VPS Lakeshore successfully removed blood clot and blocks in the heart of a 45-year-old man after completely stopping and making his heart motionless for 2 hours and 35 minutes with the support of heart lung machine. The patient, Muhammed Ibrahim M., a native of Manjweswaram in Kasaragod district, is fast recovering and will be discharged within a few days.

The surgery was performed by a medical team headed by renowned heart surgeon Dr. M. K. Moosa Kunhi, Senior Consultant and HoD, Cardiac Surgery and Heart Transplantation, VPS Lakeshore. Muhammed Ibrahim, who was working in Saudi Arabia, was admitted into a hospital there after he suffered heart attack. He was later brought to India and admitted into a hospital in Mangalore. The angiogram performed on him at the hospital showed a blood clot of a lemon size in heart’s main chamber and four other blocks. He was then referred to Dr. Moosa Kunhi and brought to VPS Lakeshore.

“Developing blood clot inside the heart is a very rare complication and it is seen only in less than one per cent of heart attack cases. It is a grave situation as the blood clot can broke away from the heart at any time and move straight into the brain. This can make him a lifetime coma patient. So the patinet was rushed to VPS Lakeshore for bypass surgery and removed the blood clot,” Dr. Moosa Kunhi. Removing blood clot from heart chamber is difficult and it is very rarely done, he said, adding that this operation is a lifetime heart surgery of a heart surgeon as it is a very rare case.

The heart was kept in the heart lung machine for 4 hours and 15 minutes. The blood clot was completely removed in the operation and four bypass operations were also done. The opened part was stitched together by using a ‘teflon felt’.

Dr. Moosa Kunhi said that developing blood clot following heart attack is a major complication and it can remain without any symptoms and can suddenly cause brain stroke. So every patient who develop heart attack should be specifically looked for this kind of blood clot inside heart so that timely treatment can be given him to save his life, he added.

According to the doctor, reason for development of blood clots can’t be clearly explained. The situation occurs when pumping of blood to and from heart decreases following a massive heart attack. The patient was also under the same situation. “There is no consensus among expert doctors on how to treat development of blood clot. However, they are of the opinion that if blood clot develops following massive heart attack that can be removed by operating left ventricle in order to avoid brain stroke.”

He added that medical studies and medical experts have proved that removing of blood clot is the best way for treating such a situation. It was for the same reason he was rushed from Saudi Arabia. “As the reasons for blood clot are not yet known, it cannot be checked. However, blood clots can be detected by scanning heart of patients who suffered massive heart attack,” said Dr. Moosa Kunhi.

Dr. M.K. Moosa Kunhi with Ibrahim


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