World TB day programmes at VPS Lakeshore

World TB day programmes at VPS Lakeshore

In connection with World TB DAY - 2017, the Dept. of pulmonary medicine, microbiology and clinical nutrition at VPS Lakeshore hospital jointly organized various programmes  on 24/03/2017.  Dr. Hari Lakshmanan, consultant, Dept. of pulmonary medicine, delivered lectures on the various aspects of the disease to the public and good nebulization practice to staff nurses. The Dietary team delivered lectures on the importance of nutrition in disease prevention and management to the patients, relatives and bystanders at the waiting area in main lobby.

Tuberculosis, including Multi Drug Resistant TB among health care workers is an emerging health problem and is a matter of concern. To address the issue, a short CME on the infection control in tuberculosis was held in the hospital auditorium for the staff nurses, bronchoscopy staff and PFT technicians.  Dr. Jilly Chinnan, senior registrar in microbiology delivered the lecture which was facilitated by Dr Molly Johny, senior consultant and chief of microbiology services and Dr Hari Lakshmanan


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