12 year old Omani girl undergoes complex spine surgery for scoliosis correction in VPS Lakeshore

12 year old Omani girl undergoes complex spine surgery for scoliosis correction in VPS Lakeshore

Kochi: Spine surgery department at VPS Lakeshore hospital,Kochi have successfully done a complicated scoliosis correction surgery on a 12 year old Omani girl student. The team led by Dr. Krishnakumar R, Consultant Spine and Scoliosis Surgeon has done a complex corrective surgery to straighten the 90 degree curved spine.

Mariyam, hailing from Sur, Oman was diagnosed to have scoliosis – a condition in which the spine or the back bone bends sideways associated with protrusion of the rib cage creating a ‘hunch back’ appearance- two years ago. Although she was offered various treatments in Oman, her spine continued to bend resulting in unsightly appearance of her back. Moreover she started developing breathlessness while running and playing.

As scoliosis surgery is a complex surgery performed in hospitals with advanced facilities, Mariyam’s search for finding such a hospital lead to VPS Lakeshore Hospital,Kochi which is a referral centre for spine surgery.

“Her spine was so much bend and it was compressing her lung, that’s why she had breathlessness’’ said Dr Krishnakumar. She was successfully operated with the advanced spinal implant systems with titanium screws and cobalt-chrome rods to straighten the 90 degrees bend back bone.

“During the curve correction the spinal cord within the bones could stretch and nerves supplying the legs could be affected, so we have used modern neuro monitoring technology to assess the function of her spinal cord and nerves during the surgery’’explained Dr Krishnakumar. Mariyam made a complete recovery and was discharged after 5 days. After hospital discharge she even made a trip to Munnar before returning to Oman

Scoliosis is a complex spinal disorder which has to be timely recognized and treated. The spine and scoliosis surgery department in VPS Lakeshore Hospital is fully equipped to manage such conditions.

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